Rainer vor dem Esche

General Manager

Rainer is the General Manager of NPROXX. With his vast experience in management and leading large technical departments Rainer joined the company in 2019. He has since overseen NPROXX’s growth in business and in areas such as corporate governance, intellectual property and joint ventures. His special technical expertise lies in high quality CFRP products and manufacturing processes. He holds a PhD in Engineering from RWTH Aachen University.


Michael Himmen

Managing Director of Sales

Michael HimmenMichael joined NPROXX from Cummins in late 2020. Michael is Managing Director of Sales, with a specific focus on serving the needs of the heavy-duty and very-heavy-duty vehicles market. His involvement with fuel cell systems reaches back to the 1990s when he worked on early projects to develop system integrations of fuel cells with electric, battery and hybrid vehicles. A trained chemist, Michael’s career experience spans a wide range of senior engineering and commercial roles in the automotive industry in America and Europe.

Contact Michael  +31 (0) 45 78 20 564


Klaus Peter Kopper

Manging Director NPROXX Jülich GmbH

Klaus Peter joined NPROXX with its founding in 2018 as operations manager and heads the manufacturing plant in Jülich, Germany. He previously worked as program manager in Stornetic whilst developing innovative flywheel based energy storage systems. Prior to that Klaus Peter worked as a research scientist in gas handling and ultra high vacuum systems. He has also worked as a management consultant after studying physics at the RWTH Aachen and earning a PhD from the University of Cambridge.


Dietmar Müller

Technical Director

Dietmar Müller is the Technical Director at NPROXX. With outstanding experience in composite technology and technical leadership positions Dietmar specialises in lightweight engineering and the development of innovative CFRP products. Prior to joining NPROXX in 2018 he has been running his own consultancy for innovation management and served for many years as the Managing Director at Xperion GmbH in the field of innovative composite technologies. Dietmar studied Engineering at the Technical University Darmstadt and at Stuttgart University from where he holds a PhD in Aerospace Technology.


Danny Dritty

Finance Manager

Danny is the Finance Manager at NPROXX. He has more than 20 years of progressive finance leadership experience in the areas of audit, consulting, financial reporting, management reporting and controllership. He started his career with Deloitte & Touche in Maastricht. Throughout his career he has held several finance leadership roles as Plant Controller, Corporate SG&A Controller and Senior Financial Manager for large companies in Europe. Danny holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a post-bachelor in Controlling.


Johannes Lorenz

Director Marketing and Sales

JohannesJohannes is the Marketing and Sales Director at NPROXX. Johannes specialises in the conceptualisation, development and production of advanced hydrogen storage solutions using complex CFRP products. Leading the sales and marketing team he works with NPROXX customers and partners on a range of innovative and ground-breaking H2 storage solutions in the automotive, road transport and rail industries.

Contact Johannes +31 (0) 45 78 20 564


Michael Ismar

Manager Marketing and Sales (Hydrogen Infrastructure & Transport)

Michael ismarMichael is a sales & marketing expert who supports the NPROXX Sales team in transportation and stationary storage applications. With a background in mechanical engineering in a wide range of industries, Michael graduated from RWTH Aachen in mechanical engineering and holds a diploma in economics from FU Hagen.

Contact Michael +31 (0) 45 78 20 564


Philipp Breuer

Sales Manager (Automotive & Heavy-duty Vehicles)

Philipp specialising in serving NPROXX’s customers in the automotive and heavy-duty vehicle sector. Everything which has wheels is his business. Holding a masters in Business Psychology he gained pertinent experience in the automotive OEM supply chain and deep knowledge of the actual and potential applications of NPROXX’s innovative hydrogen tank solutions for a wide range of vehicles.

Contact Philipp +31 (0) 45 78 20 564



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