Order Execution and Logistics Manager

“In my role, I am responsible for the smooth organisation of order execution at NPROXX’s manufacturing site at Jülich. Together with my colleagues, we make sure that our customers receive the ordered goods in time with exactly the required quality. This includes design, purchasing, production, shipping and exporting and is a key process that connects all the different departments of our company.”

“We can only be successful as one team, and teamwork really is one of the best features of working at NPROXX. I work hand in hand with my colleagues, who add their individual skills and knowledge to the process. As a result, together we are making a change for the better, which is the protection of our environment and climate, thanks to clean energy and CO2-savings through hydrogen storage technology. Being an active part of such an important matter feels great and motivates me everyday. My work here is really more than just a job!”


Simulation and Development Engineer

“In my role as simulation and development engineer, I perform structural analyses of our components to make visible how these parts behave in service and where they are internally loaded and can by that contribute to validate and optimise our design as well as support in problem solving or general development.  This is a really exciting job and we are constantly looking for new colleagues to join us as we navigate the ongoing evolution of the hydrogen sector.“

“My main motivation to start working at NPROXX was to participate in challenging, future-oriented projects in the hydrogen field and to take part in the further development of that important sector. I enjoy working in a young and motivated team, in a company with a very flat hierarchy that enables everyone to feel involved in the progress of our company and the full industrial sector as well as to have varying tasks together with the chance for personal and professional development.”

“NPROXX is an evolving company in the emergent hydrogen economy. Our team is growing with the industry and we need additional colleagues to help us find solutions to many new challenges and develop our expertise in different fields and activities.”


HR Trainee @ Heerlen

“In my trainee role, I was integrated as a full team member as of day one of my 5 month assignment. Away from work, I study Business Studies at Zuyd Vocational University – NPROXX offered me the opportunity to write the thesis which I need to obtain my college degree, which was an amazing opportunity. Since starting here, NPROXX has also offered me training and development opportunities, as they usually do for students and starters in other areas of our business, particularly Finance and HR.”

“Alongside my thesis, the main reason I chose to develop my career in a job at NPROXX is the company culture – I was immediately put at ease and very warmly welcomed. The team is quite young and adaptable, and has a very flexible working style, which I really like. My colleagues here are supportive and forward-thinking, and they hold the business in high regard, because NPROXX recognises that its employees are its greatest asset.”


Manufacturing Operator

“My role is within NPROXX’s manufacturing department. Years ago, I started my career in an Industrial Mechanic/Machine Fitter role, and have been in quite a number of jobs in different companies and areas. I started here at the beginning of 2022 and it was definitely the right decision – I can really say that NPROXX sticks out positively within the business sector as an industrial innovator.”

“I like my work and my team here, there is a good team spirit amongst us. Our workload is a challenge in these particular in times of growth, but it is never hectic or too stressful. The business is supportive of staff and an exciting place to grow and learn – especially as the industry is developing so quickly.”

To find out more about how to work with us at NPROXX, visit our careers page to look at current job listings or email us with a copy of your CV.