The new hydrogen economy requires flexible and reliable transport solutions for compressed hydrogen. NPROXX provides multiple element gas containers (MEGC), trailers and bundles for different pressure levels and storage capacity based on our Type-4 technology. Due to the modular concept of our products, customers can start with small fleets and grow their contingent over the time by adding additional storage units.

NPROXX is at the forefront of innovating mobile hydrogen infrastructures. We are established industry leaders in manufacturing systems for transporting this clean energy option.

Our technology

Across road, rail and river transport, our high-strength, lightweight composite Type 4 pressure vessels are integrated in MEGC, allowing this energy to be distributed from hydrogen producer to hydrogen consumers. The nominal working pressure of NPROXX’s systems is 380-, 500- or 640-bar, all of which are certificated according to European ADR, RID and ADN standards.

We offer different sizes and capacities of hydrogen storage, meaning we can meet the needs of any type of customer. The transport-focused systems we currently offer include:

  • 20ft MEGC 380-bar
  • 40ft MEGC 380-bar
  • 10ft MEGC 500-bar
  • 20ft MEGC 500-bar
  • 40ft MEGC 500-bar
  • 20ft MEGC 640 bar
  • 40ft MEGC 640 bar
  • Trailer units for 380, 500 and 640 bar

All our mobile storage systems have an unlimited live time.

See how our systems are used in practice, visit our Hydrogen Storage Applications page.

Certification and audits

All hydrogen pressure vessels from NPROXX undergo intensive testing. Our pressure vessels fulfil all industrial certification requirements according to the following industrial standards:

  • ADR: International regulation for transport of dangerous goods
  • DIN EN 12245: Transportable Gas Cylinder
  • EN 17339
  • MEGC
  • RID
  • ADN
  • CSC


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