Old diesel-powered buses, which emit high levels of pollutants into already-damaged urban atmospheres, can now be readily replaced by hydrogen-powered buses whose only by-product/emission is water.

NPROXX is already involved in designing and producing infrastructure for hydrogen-powered city bus fleets in Germany. With an advanced high-strength, low-weight hydrogen storage tank either on top of the bus or within the body, these buses have the range to complete a full route from outskirts to city centre and back again.

Once they arrive back at NPROXX’s refuelling stations on the outskirts of the city, the buses can be quickly refuelled with hydrogen ready to make a return journey into the city.

CFRP pressure vessels

Our Type 4 composite pressure vessels, which our engineers began manufacturing 20 years ago, are extremely lightweight and provide outstanding properties like robustness and durability. When used for hydrogen storage i.e. H2 fuel-cell trucks or buses, these carbon fibre-reinforced vessels can result in a weight reduction in the gas containment system. The transport capacity can be significantly increased and the fuel efficiency of the vehicle can be optimized.

We use both filament winding as well as braiding and resin moulding technology for less conventionally-shaped H2 tanks. They are extremely durable – potentially delivering up to 30 years of use without needing to be replaced.


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