Typically these vehicles burn considerable amounts of fossil fuels, so the potential for hydrogen power to significantly impact the level of emission these vehicles produce is high. This in turn can have a significant impact on quality of atmosphere for workers working around these vehicles, and also for urban air quality.

Our Type 4 composite pressure vessels, which our engineers began manufacturing 20 years ago, are incredibly lightweight and have an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. When used to store hydrogen (H2) for H2 fuel-cell trucks or buses, these carbon fibre-reinforced structures can result in a 450kg weight reduction in the gas containment system, which can deliver a significant rise in fuel efficiency.

We use both filament wet winding as well as braiding and resin moulding for less conventionally-shaped H2 tanks. They are extremely durable – with the potential to deliver up to 30 years of use without replacement.


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