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Hydrogen has the highest level of energy by mass of any fuel, but as the lightest element it is also, in its natural state, extremely low in energy by volume. It is therefore necessary to store hydrogen at a high density in order to make it viable as a fuel for transport and other applications.

NPROXX has developed a modular, container-based hydrogen storage system that can be easily and safely transported from hydrogen-production areas. This adaptable solution is robust yet nimble, meaning it is ideal for use in both transportation and stationary storage.

Stationary Applications

Some examples of our stationary storage solutions in practice are:

  • Buffer tanks for use on a hydrogen production plant
  • Hydrogen refuelling stations for city buses
  • Hydrogen refuelling facilities for hydrogen-powered trains
  • Trailer filling (filling via overflow)

Discover the specifications of our stationary storage.

Transport applications

Various uses for our transport storage solutions currently include:

  • Road, rail and ship transportation of hydrogen
  • Mobile refuelling stations for vehicles
  • Exchangeable units for use in fixed refuelling stations

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