Today the long-distance lorries and trucks that keep our society moving are almost exclusively powered by diesel. These hard-working vehicles keep the fabric of our society together, delivering food and goods to shops, supermarkets and distribution centres 24 hours a day.

They are ubiquitous, on motorways and city streets, but the diesel they burn is a major contributor to CO2 emissions and urban pollution. Now NPROXX is pioneering the use of hydrogen as a clean alternative fuel for these vehicles.

By switching from diesel to Hydrogen as a fuel, articulated lorries and long-distance trucks can maintain their single-tank range of over 1000km, while completely removing harmful emissions. When using a Hydrogen fuel cell to power these vehicles, the emission of carbon dioxide and harmful particulates is completely removed – the only by-product is water. In contrast, it is widely agreed that battery power is not capable of delivering the same sustained power and range needed.

Hydrogen storage and refuelling

NPROXX’s advanced hydrogen storage tank technology makes converting to hydrogen a real possibility. It enables enough hydrogen gas to be stored safely within a truck’s chassis and body to power the vehicle in long cross-country and even cross-continental journeys.  Furthermore, with the development of hydrogen storage and refuelling infrastructure, hydrogen-powered articulated lorries can refuel more easily and in more locations. Another advantage of hydrogen is that the refuelling time is much quicker, on average around 10 minutes, while a battery powered vehicle would take hours to reload.

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