High-density hydrogen storage is a major challenge – NPROXX, has overcome this challenge and can offer a range of applications for the stationary storage of large volumes of compressed hydrogen.

This, in turn, enables the establishment of refuelling stations and storage depots – in order to refuel hydrogen powered vehicles of any nature, hydrogen must be stored at high pressures. This is not just to limit the footprint of the storage facility, but to also ensure that hydrogen-powered vehicles can be refuelled quickly and easily.

Our technology

High-strength, lightweight composite Type 4 pressure vessels are integrated in standard containers for use at H2 fuelling stations, providing accelerated fuelling for multiple vehicles. NPROXX has most recently developed a new hydrogen storage system that can store more than 1,000kg of H2 at a nominal working pressure of 500-bar.

Our product portfolio is growing all the time, and consists of a variety of storage options to meet any customer need. Our stationary-specific systems currently include:

  • PED Bundle 1000 bar
  • 10ft PED 500 bar
  • 20ft PED 500 bar
  • 40ft PED 500 bar

To see how our systems are used in practice, visit our Hydrogen Storage Applications page.

Certification and audits

All hydrogen pressure vessels from NPROXX undergo intensive testing. Our pressure vessels fulfil all industrial certification requirements according to the following industrial standards:

  • PED


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