Why a career in hydrogen?

As mankind seeks to replace fossil fuels with reliable sources of low- or zero-emissions energy that have the capability to sustain our ever-increasing demand for power, hydrogen is emerging as an obvious choice to meet these needs.

With increasing demand for hydrogen storage solutions, it is an exciting time to work in the industry. NPROXX are helping to completely re-think and re-build the modern energy infrastructure. This represents a massive technological challenge, but also huge opportunity for those involved in shaping the future.

“At NPROXX, we see a future where our cities and motorways are used by vehicles of all sizes, using hydrogen and emitting only water. We believe this is one of the most reliable solutions for completely clean transport. We also see a future where domestic power can be supplied using solar panels, an electrolysis machine and a hydrogen fuel cell, to give heated and lit homes that are completely carbon-free.”

– Rainer vor dem Esche, General Manager at NPROXX

What do we offer?

  • A collegial business culture in which we value long-term employee loyalty and offer excellent future progression
  • Unique technological innovations and teamwork in exciting groundbreaking projects
  • A highly skilled, international team of specialists to work alongside
  • Regular development opportunities that not only broaden your professional horizons, but also promote personal development
  • An organisation where your voice and contribution matter
  • Good working conditions and consideration of employee health and wellbeing
  • Social events that promote team cohesion
  • Two state-of-the-art locations nearby lively cities, Aachen and Maastricht, that boast vibrant cultures and historic city centres

Who we need

At NPROXX, we are looking for motivated, experienced individuals to fill exciting opportunities as engineers, scientists and technicians. In joining our team, you will be contributing to a growing workforce with an evolving width of tasks and disciplines as you work closely with our cutting-edge products. Our international team is an exciting, energetic place to be where you can learn, thrive and develop by bringing your expertise to a rapidly changing industry.

For any industry professional who is interested in contributing to the establishment of a truly sustainable, scalable and clean energy supply, NPROXX is where you want to be.

To find out more about how to work with us at NPROXX, visit our careers page to look at current job listings or email us with a copy of your CV.