How NPROXX is delivering innovative end-to-end hydrogen storage and transport solutions

Hydrogen storage

Hydrogen power is widely regarded as a key part of the drive to reduce urban pollution and move away from carbon-based transport. But however efficient hydrogen fuel cells become at converting hydrogen gas into power, key challenges remain: how can society rapidly develop hydrogen storage and delivery infrastructure? And how can hydrogen fuel storage be integrated into existing transport systems?

NPROXX is a world leader in manufacturing type 4 pressure vessels for hydrogen storage, and our advanced hydrogen storage systems are enabling new innovations in hydrogen-powered transport. We are leading the way with some of the most innovative solutions in hydrogen storage and transport, including:

• Working in partnership with various leading auto manufacturers in Europe and beyond, we are developing new pressure vessel shapes and sizes, to fit the chassis and bodywork designs of existing and new automobile models

• In Germany, we have developed special framework and mountings to hold hydrogen storage pressure vessels securely on the roof of hydrogen-powered trains. For this solution NPROXX produced much lighter, stronger mountings and significantly longer pressure vessels, increasing the capacity of hydrogen storage on the roof from other designs, and reducing the number of valves and other connecting pieces while also improving the stability of the rig

• We have also designed, manufactured and installed significant storage capacity at a hydrogen refueling station for buses at Meckenheim outside Cologne, Germany, working as part of a consortium

• We are working (under non-disclosure agreements) with several other partners ranging from global enterprises to local innovation hubs on a range of projects to integrate innovative and complex hydrogen storage solutions into transport applications, designing and working with many complex structures such as mountings, gas systems and other transport infrastructure.

With a background in precision manufacturing and an exceptional approach to safety, security and quality (including documentation and traceability) that is embedded in our company culture, NPROXX is an ideal partner for any innovative manufacturer or transport company looking to open up the new hydrogen economy. NPROXX can provide everything from an end-to-end solution for hydrogen power, to the series manufacturing of large numbers of pressure vessels to very high-quality standards.