Leading the way in vessel safety: certifications at NPROXX

Due to hydrogen technology requirements becoming more established in recent years, energy storage specialists must continue to pursue the latest qualification standards. At NPROXX, certification is a business priority, as it ensures the production of safe pressure vessels that can be used all over the world.

Over the last two years, NPROXX has celebrated several new successful certifications – particularly in the field of automotive technology. Notable successes included the certification of pressure vessels for a hydrogen-powered passenger car and the Siemens hydrogen train project.

Additionally, NPROXX has made several recent breakthroughs in the heavy duty vehicle sector. “We’ve now received all the certifications for our bus applications, as well as a specialist one for a bus system,” said Claus Klein, Manager of Engineering Quality and Certification at NPROXX. “We also have some new certificates for some bigger transport vessels, like trucks and trailers. Hydrogen power is a great, feasible option for larger vehicles. We see a great opportunity to cater to this market, and will continue our focus on certifying these types of products.”

Aside from automotive applications, NPROXX has made significant certification contributions for their stationary applications. However, developing systems – and subsequently, obtaining certifications – for this industry poses a greater challenge for NPROXX. “There are still some hesitations from customers within the stationary industry, due to global supply chain delays,” says Klein. “We have felt the pull of supply chain issues across all operations, but stationary has been particularly affected, due to this type of pressure vessels requiring certain materials to be built. This delay has led to projects being put on hold, with the relevant customers now requesting other types of pressure vessels from us which we have in our portfolio already. So, while it is not a total loss, we will have to continue pushing to overcome the strain on our stationary applications.”

Despite these ongoing manufacturing challenges, NPROXX remains at the forefront of vessel safety. This means certification is a central part of its ongoing business strategy. “We are gaining a lot of new customer interest at the moment,” says Klein. “The growing demand for alternative energy solutions is not waning in any way. We are constantly working towards obtaining new certifications for high pressure technology across various projects.”

By consistently striving to qualify products to the latest standards, NPROXX aims to ensure the safety of pressure vessels for various applications. To find out more about NPROXX’s product portfolio, read about our specialist capabilities or contact us directly to discuss how we can support your project.