NPROXX moves to new manufacturing location

A person manufacturing a pressure vessel in Europe

As global demand for advanced hydrogen storage solutions is growing rapidly, NPROXX prepares to expand its manufacturing base and move to a new dedicated operating site in Alsdorf, Germany.

Over the last two years, NPROXX has seen a huge growth in interest from new OEMs, as well as strongly rising demand for advanced hydrogen storage systems from established customers. “NPROXX is rapidly adapting the way it operates to meet surging demand,” explains Rainer vor dem Esche, General Manager of NPROXX. “We are seeing our average order size grow significantly, and our commercial strategy has shifted to focus on securing mutually beneficial long-term relationships with major players in the hydrogen field.”

“Market demand for our innovative hydrogen storage technology means that NPROXX now requires further resources to deliver its commitments – that means more staff, more equipment and, vitally, more space,” continues vor dem Esche. “As well as developing our commercial approach, we are currently relocating our operations to a much larger site in Alsdorf, Germany. It is not far from our existing plant in Jülich, and will give us significantly more space than we have now – with room to expand again in future.”

This relocation will be the key to unlock a further chapter in NPROXX’s impressive growth story. “We have already had some logistics management challenges,” vor dem Esche admits. “But the new location is very accessible for both our clients and our team. The extended capacity this move will give us unlocks a huge potential opportunity for further growth. We have already moved some office functions to the new site, and plan to have the last of our manufacturing capabilities transferred over and operational by the end of Q2.”

To find out more about NPROXX’s capacity for hydrogen storage solutions, read about our technical capabilities or contact us directly about our exciting hydrogen innovations.