NPROXX visits HUSUM Wind

hydrogen, fuel of the future

NPROXX recently exhibited at the HUSUM Wind Trade fair in Husum, Germany. Celebrating its 30th year in 2019, HUSUM Wind is the leading exhibition showcasing technology and innovation in the wind turbine energy generation market, in Germany and across northern Europe.

“This was a great opportunity for NPROXX to meet the leading players in wind power technology, and to introduce to them the concept of sector coupling, by which excess energy produced by wind power installations can be used to create pure hydrogen gas from water through electrolysis” explained Michael Ismar, NPROXX sales manager.

Green hydrogen

“This hydrogen can be stored under high pressure in very strong and light pressure vessels made from carbon fibre. Hydrogen storage and transport solutions are NPROXX’s speciality, so there is a clear connection between windfarm owners and the consumers of clean energy. Stored Hydrogen gas can be used to power buses, trucks and cars in urban areas. In this way the excess energy that wind farms produce, for example at night-time when power demand is low, can be captured and used effectively. This opens up a new revenue stream for wind farm owners producing green hydrogen for other sectors, independent of the power market. NPROXX is leading the way in developing stronger, lighter and larger pressure vessels in carbon fibre that can make this a reality.”

Husum is situated on the North Sea coast in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost province of Germany, close to many German off-shore wind power installations.

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