The future of hydrogen: NPROXX’s outlook for 2023

As global demand for clean energy solutions continues to surge, NPROXX’s innovative approach to advanced hydrogen storage technology and ambitious plans for sustainable growth are placing it at the heart of this rapidly expanding global market.

Energy from hydrogen is becoming increasingly prominent in governments’ net zero strategies. As a result, demand for expert design and manufacturing capability has soared. NPROXX is meeting this demand by investing in technology development and expanding production capacity. “Later this year we will open our new production site in Alsdorf, Germany,” announces Rainer vor dem Esche, General Manager of NPROXX. “This new facility will allow us to significantly increase our output to meet the powerful demand we are experiencing from both existing and new customers.”

Strategy shaped by innovation

NPROXX’s focus on innovation is evidenced by its portfolio of innovative and ground-breaking pressure vessel systems for heavy-duty trucks, public sector transport and automotive vehicles. NPROXX continues to develop its product offerings across all these applications. “NPROXX has plans to finalise the development of its next-generation pressure vessel technology in the coming year,” explains Johannes Lorenz, Marketing and Sales Director for NPROXX. “The outcome of this project is a promising development that has the potential to revolutionise the hydrogen storage market.”

Through this development, NPROXX is demonstrating that hydrogen storage systems have more potential than just buffering demand. “We can see the industry recognising this kind of technology on an increasing scale,” says Lorenz. “The accurate implementation of hydrogen storage systems in both mobile and stationary pipelines brings significant advantages for operators and end-customers, including increasing reliability, availability, scalability and reducing operating costs.”

Expanding into promising markets

NPROXX’s technology is already being used in a variety of applications, but in 2023, the company is focusing on expanding its reach. “We are preparing to move further into public transport applications,” explains Lorenz. “This is where we currently see the biggest, fastest growth for hydrogen logistics. We will be up against still-unstable global supply chains, but with a growing number of visionary blue-chip enterprises developing long-term hydrogen strategies, we project a positive shift in political support for green hydrogen production.”

With sights locked on the future of hydrogen energy, NPROXX is primed to steer the hydrogen storage market towards providing a more sustainable energy mix. For more information about NPROXX’s innovations, visit our capabilities page or contact us directly.