Why work at NPROXX?

NPROXX Hydrogen Products Pressure Levels & Applications

As a world leader in hydrogen storage solutions, NPROXX offers talented and ambitious engineers, technicians and designers, the chance to work on innovative and ground-breaking projects in clean energy.

As demand for sustainable energy at scale increases, hydrogen is becoming progressively important. This means that the requirement for safe hydrogen storage is now at an all-time high. To meet this market need, NPROXX remains a growing business, with plans to double our workforce within the next three years.

So, what are the benefits of working at NPROXX?


1. New opportunities and healthy reward

The skilled, motivated and enthusiastic specialists in the NPROXX team are highly valued, which is reflected by the competitive salaries and range of other market-specific benefits on offer here. Additionally, NPROXX has a strong commitment to personal development and individual responsibility, so all our team are encouraged to expand their skills and pursue exciting projects. The opportunity to excel is clear, and exceptional performance is always well rewarded here.

2. Be a part of our journey

As a growing business, NPROXX encourages staff at all levels to get involved in shaping how the company develops. At every level, our colleagues are open to feedback and eager to welcome fresh ideas and different perspectives that new team members bring in.

3. Make a difference in a vital industry

NPROXX are pioneering hydrogen storage solutions for a cleaner future. Our employees directly contribute to work that has a significant positive impact, enabling hydrogen fuel to power By helping to change the energy industry for the better, NPROXX colleagues are contributing to a more sustainable world.

4. See the whole project

Another key attraction to is your involvement – every colleague plays a significant part in the business as the whole NPROXX team work together across every project. Everything from concept to delivery happens at our sites, which means that NPROXX staff have the opportunity to shape processes and influence decisions at every step.

NPROXX plans to achieve the aforementioned business growth sustainably – the senior management team have mapped out our future scale-up to be executed quickly, in a practical and achievable manner. If you want to be a part of our journey, visit our careers page to discover current open vacancies or contact us directly.