COP26: Good news for hydrogen

Despite some disappointment that the recent COP26 talks in Glasgow didn’t deliver the firm commitment to end coal usage that many people had predicted, NPROXX sees many positives from the event.

In the first instance, this was the first truly global meeting of world leaders since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2016. Five years is too long to wait, we believe, and there are strong signs that collaboration between the nations over climate change is now permanently on the agenda. With time running out so quickly, that can only be a good thing.

And for those of us in the hydrogen business, COP26 has been a coming together of the industry like no other. Innovators and technologists operating in hydrogen were present in large numbers in Glasgow, demonstrating not just prototypes and big ideas but production-ready hydrogen-powered products that will power the transport and industry of the future.

So, at NPROXX we believe that, despite some unfavorable commentaries on the overall outcomes, COP26 was a success and will be seen in years to come as a time when hydrogen power asserted its undeniable role in decarbonizing the world in the 21st Century. We aim to be big contributors to the fulfilment of that role.


Photograph: Karwai Tang/ UK Government