Hydrogen-Powered Trains – Case Study

Hydrogen powered trains

NPROXX is working on an exciting project with Siemens Mobility to develop a hydrogen-powered train. The concept shall deliver a clean and emission-free alternative to diesel-powered trains.

The innovative 26-month project, which began in November 2017, has been split into two phases: phase 1 is a test phase in which the fuel cell that will drive the train is tested in a train-like environment at the RWTH Aachen University; phase 2 involves developing the hydrogen pressure vessel systems that will store the fuel. During the first phase the project is looking at responses and performance of the fuel cell in varying operating and environmental conditions.

For NPROXX, the key challenge of phase 2 will be to design and develop the pressure vessels themselves, as well as the accompanying mounting rack and valve frame. Acceleration and vibration are both key issues in railway technology that need to be considered in the design.

Bringing clean hydrogen power to the railways

During this project NPROXX will use all its four decades of knowhow in advanced carbon fibre design to overcome these issues and bring hydrogen power to the railways. “We are planning to develop customized vessels regarding to the restricted space available on the train” explains Project Manager Dr. Christian Wies. “It is very important for our customer to maximise the range of the train.”