Hydrogen: Tomorrow’s energy, today

In 2022, the world is rapidly moving to combat the looming climate crisis. Sources of low-emission, greener energy are becoming increasingly vital. As a result, hydrogen is emerging as a fuel that can help the world achieve its aims. The hydrogen economy is growing rapidly, as necessity drives innovation.

Burning hydrogen is clean and almost waste-free, and it’s an extremely versatile fuel for powering all kinds of appliances, in conjunction with batteries.  “Renewable energy sources like wind and solar power have the capability to meet our needs for electrical power, but we also need scalable solutions for mobility, to replace the petrol, diesel and other fossil fuels that are consumed by vehicles all around the world every day,” explains Rainer vor dem Esche, General Manager at NPROXX.

“What’s exciting about this vision is that, while the core technology is proven and feasible, there are lots of technical challenges and opportunities for innovation that haven’t been solved yet,” he continues. “To achieve this, we have to completely re-think and re-build our energy infrastructure. It’s a massive technological challenge, but one that will deliver huge returns for those involved in shaping the future.”

A dynamic, fulfilling future in the Hydrogen economy

“For an engineer, a scientist, a technician or any skilled worker in the energy industry who is interested in contributing to the establishment of a truly sustainable, scalable and clean energy supply, the Hydrogen business is a great business to get into now. There are some phenomenal opportunities to get in near the start of what is going to be an energy revolution – the Hydrogen economy.”

NPROXX is a world leader in the safe storage and transportation of Hydrogen for use as fuel. If you’re a talented scientist, engineer, technician or designer who wants to know more about working in the Hydrogen economy, please visit our careers page to read about current vacancies.