NPROXX expands business into the States

In a world with heightening climate and resource crises, clean hydrogen is a compelling solution for the future of energy. The increasing need for technology that effectively utilises the power of H2 has prompted NPROXX to consider new ventures, leading to the decision to expand into the United States of America.

With many benefits to the country’s infrastructure, significant potential for profitable business ventures has been identified in the new market. “The US is primed for hydrogen generation and technology expansion, simply due to the amount of space and natural resources available across the country,” explains Michael Himmen, Managing Director of Sales at NPROXX. “Good amounts of sunlight and enough water, paired with its expansive size and easy cross-continent access make America the ideal place to produce and distribute hydrogen from.”

Another beneficial factor of NPROXX spreading their operations into America is more supportive vehicle regulations. When designing and building hydrogen-powered vehicles, especially in Europe, design development can be limited by the restrictions of road vehicle size. The US has different laws pertaining to truck body length, meaning there is heightened capacity for hydrogen storage on truck designs, and therefore further energy capabilities. This creates an opening for NPROXX to manufacture more efficient vehicles that can embark on longer haul journeys.

Further opportunities for hydrogen in this fruitful market are being facilitated by the US Government. An announcement earlier this year revealed plans to invest $8 billion into Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs as a part of their clean hydrogen initiative. This investment marks the country’s shift towards alternative energy and represents the wealth of business prospects available for innovative companies such as NPROXX.

With regard to how NPROXX will break into the market, approaching business in North America could be achieved by gaining access to an already established site. “Our shareholders, Cummins, own a lot of existing facilities in the US,” says Himmen. “Some of this floor space could potentially be made available to house NPROXX North America.” By 2030, Cummins plan to increase their business activity by 1000% – this company goal offers a great opportunity for NPROXX to grow with the shareholder and capitalise on the increased demand in the market.

NPROXX aims to find a location and establish a base for their North American operations by the end of 2023. To find out more about the technologies that will be developed in new and existing markets, please read more about the heavy-duty vehicles we work on.