NPROXX’s shareholder Cummins unveils first truck with ‎hydrogen combustion engine

A Cummins truck with a ‎hydrogen combustion engine

At this year’s IAA Transportation trade fair Cummins will present their concept ‎for the H2-ICE truck, powered by the state-of-the-art B6.7H hydrogen ‎combustion engine. This ground-breaking project has the potential to ‎accelerate the industry’s effort to decarbonise truck fleets worldwide.‎

The technology has been designed to retain performance and payload capacities, while still maintaining ‎a conventional driveline offering, efficiently transferring power from the engine and transmission to ‎the wheels. Upon its launch, this medium-duty truck will offer a lower-cost technology option, making ‎hydrogen-powered fleets more accessible to customers across the industry.‎

NPROXX has made a significant contribution in bringing this vehicle to life – our engineers have ‎provided important integration expertise, allowing the implementation of a 700-bar NPROXX hydrogen ‎tank, which increases the truck’s fuel storage capacity. ‎

In addition NPROXX has developed a range of hydrogen storage and transportation solutions, and are ‎drivers in hydrogen cutting-edge hydrogen storage systems for a wide range of road and rail vehicles.‎

To find out more about this ground-breaking project, read the Cummins press release or visit us at the ‎IAA Transportation 2022.‎