NPROXX and Cummins: the perfect match for the transition to Hydrogen

When NPROXX became a joint venture and joined the Cummins family in late 2020 it joined a group of complementary hydrogen businesses who, together, are able to offer innovative solutions and manufacturing at scale for end-to-end hydrogen mobility solutions. Every member of this family is able to leverage Cummins’ global reach and market access, while upholding and enhancing Cummins’ hard-earned reputation for quality.

Cummins is the biggest independent engine producer in the world, with around 70,000 employees providing power train solutions in every major market in the world. Present in more than 190 countries, Cummins is the clear market leader for powertrains in major markets including the USA, China and India.

The Cummins family already includes specialist companies and divisions which deliver fuel cell and battery solutions, drivetrain expertise and specialist system integration. Now NPROXX adds the capability to design and deliver innovative high pressure hydrogen fuel storage systems.

“NPROXX knows how to build pressure vessels and tank systems with first class quality, technical expertise, and efficiency in material use” says Michael Himmen, NPROXX Managing Director. “We know the sector of high-pressure hydrogen very well and we are experts at finding and developing innovative solutions to difficult problems, that unlock the potential of hydrogen as a fuel.”

Taking trucks from diesel to H2

The conversion of large road trucks from diesel to hydrogen is one such challenge. “All the big truck manufacturers are Cummins customers” explains Himmen. “Cummins understands the very specific requirements of each of them. They really know how to integrate a powertrain into a truck effectively. Now NPROXX offers the ability to also add a strong, reliable and effective hydrogen fuel storage system to that offer.”

Himmen believes that, to transition successfully to hydrogen fuel, truck and bus manufacturers are looking for a supplier that can deliver the whole end-to-end solution from storage to powertrain. “The market is looking for a more system-orientated solution so they can concentrate on what they can do best, which is building buses and trucks” he says. “They need a trusted and established supplier that can deliver everything, with the magnitude to manufacture at scale, and the reputation for quality that they need. This is something that, together, we can deliver, which is why NPROXX and Cummins are such a perfect match.”