NPROXX grows: the impact of moving to a new manufacturing site

NPROXX is currently in the process of moving its manufacturing activities to a new site in Alsdorf, Germany. The new site is designed for further expansion, which will allow NPROXX to increase its production capacity expeditiously.

The move to the new site is part of NPROXX’s growth strategy. “NPROXX is shifting from being a start-up business, to a development-centric organisation with strong production power,” says Peter Hoedemakers, HR Business consultant for NPROXX. “For this reason, on top of the rising interest in clean energy alternatives, we are expecting to see increased demand for our hydrogen storage solutions in the coming years. The new site will allow us to meet that demand, but we also need more engineers, project managers and sales representatives to support our growth.”

Growing for good

The move to Alsdorf is a major undertaking for NPROXX. The company is currently in the process of moving its equipment and machinery to the new site – the move is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2023.

The new site, located in a large industrial park, is not far from NPROXX’s existing manufacturing facilities in Jülich. “Staying in the region is greatly beneficial for us, as it means our existing team are still within reach of the site,” comments Alina Vollman, NPROXX’s Human Resources Officer in Germany. “Our colleagues can still easily travel to work, and for those who are a bit further away, we are looking into potential commute support schemes. Also, the park is close to various transportation networks, keeping NPROXX well-connected and making it easy for us to ship our products to customers around the world.”

The new site is also larger than the current site in Jülich. “The new manufacturing space we are moving to is four times the size of our current facilities, with additional room to expand into,” says Hoedemakers. “This will allow NPROXX to increase its production capacity vastly, giving us the opportunity to meet the growing global demand for our products.”

Hiring for key roles

In addition to the move, NPROXX is hiring for a number of key roles. “Across both sites and all business functions, NPROXX is looking to fill roles to support our future growth,” says Jessica van Herten, NPROXX’s Human Resources Officer in the Netherlands. “The Alsdorf team will need many more engineers, technicians and manufacturers to operate the expanded production capacities. Meanwhile in Heerlen (NL), we are looking for project managers and sales representatives to help deliver our new, larger projects, as well as work on further customer acquisition and retention.”

Throughout the wide variety of open roles, NPROXX’s current vacancies include:

  • Engineers & Manufacturers: NPROXX is looking for technical professionals to design, develop and produce its hydrogen storage solutions.
  • Project Managers: NPROXX is looking for project managers to oversee the construction and commissioning of its new manufacturing site.
  • Sales Representatives: NPROXX is looking for representatives to sell its hydrogen storage solutions to customers around the world.

Overall, the move to the new manufacturing site is a positive development for NPROXX. “We are well-positioned for expansion in the coming years, and the new site will allow us to meet the growing demand for hydrogen technology,” concludes Hoedemakers. “Recruitment will be a big challenge for us in the coming years, but we are considering new approaches in order to fulfil our recruitment needs. Naturally, NPROXX will continue to invest in its HR department in order to attract and retain the best talent, but we have a strong team and look forward to building on our existing strengths.”

To learn more about NPROXX’s open positions, please see our current vacancies or contact us with your CV directly.